Secret SEO Tools When Building a New Website

Website Secret SEO Tools to Complete Your Website and Get it Ready Launch

Ok So for Anyone Who Would Prefer to Build there Own Web Design Project I have mapped out a Few Tools to Make Your Job a Little Bit Simpler with Fast SEO.

Ok So Once you have your Website the Way you Want it to Look. There is other things Google and MaJor Search Engines are Going to Want to See Such as titles on Pages and No Duplicate Content. Sometimes when you create a website

  1. The Fastest and Easiest Way I Have found to See Exactly What you are Missing is by Using SEO Quake Extension Click Here The Can Find the Chrome Extension Online for Anyone Who Uses the Chrome Browser.

This Will Give you the Ultimate 21 Checklist for Your Website Before You Launch Now Can In mind you can audit every webpage on your website one at a time if you prefer just open the page you wish to audit then click the SQ Button on your Browser to Run your Audit

Now Once You Activate The Chrome Extension You Will Open the Website and Click on the SEOquake Extension Button and Click the Diagnosis Button to Generate a Page Audit to See what is Need There is a 21

2) Now the Next Tool and Probably the Most Important of all Website tools is a Website Called GTmetrix.com will allow you pro prefer a page analysis of your website so start by adding your website address and click the Blue Analyze Button to get started

So With that in mind, this to tools should be extremely useful for anyone who wants to launch their own website like an absolute pro.

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