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1How Long Does it Take to Create a New Website?
Most Basic Website Packages Are Set for a 2 Week Turn Around But for a Custom 5 Page Layout Average Client Load Times is between 7 & 10 Days. for More Complex Ecommerce & Package Website Average Turn around is Usually the 2 Weeks for Safety But we utilize a Variety of Techniques to Make Sure Your Website Provides Excellent Services
2What is the Cost Of a Website with Medrano Designs?
The Average Cost on a Premier Website is $1500 That Includes seo setup and website developement services ecommerce setup and support with one of our official wordpress website, theme and configured payment gateways to Paypal, stripe, or square any (additional features and services) are usually seperate and depending on your individual needs we can customized exclusive packages for any business between $500 - $1500 and we always offer complete customized website services call today to speak with one of our specialist about any special needs you may have.
3is App Development Included with a Website Package?
Even if we create a new website for you and your business apps are not included with the price of ANY Website or Marketing Package. Our Specialized Website Come in a Responsive Layout Meaning they will be viewable on Basically Any Device a Client try's Using to Access Your Website but Apps Work Very Different and Usually are Accessed Via Applestore, Google App store, So To Answer Your Question Apps are Seperate Designs All Together and Thus Require Complete Different Designs and Concepts. Call Today to Speak with one of our Specialist and Ask about your Idea's Today!

Theme Options

1How are Website Designed (What Language)?
Here at Medranos Designs We Specialize in New Wordpress Websites using Themes and Builder for Individual Customers To Fully Understand and Use a Website Without Extreme Technical Knowledge. Most of Our Clients Use Microsoft word and Excel so our System is Fairly Easy to understand and navigate. for those clients who have existing systems and need assistance we have programmers for every caliber of Job. all our designer rates vary depending on language needed html, css, coldwave, mysql, php, and much more available call today.
2Wordpress Themes
We Typically Utilize a Very Specific Theme of our Choosen if you prefer a special theme we can acquire and install for you or if you have already installed we can always complete your project for you. but Yes we Like Everyone Who Works on Wordpress We DO USE THEMES
3Can a Theme Be Changed in Mid Project?
NO once a project has been approved and deposite paid theme cannot be changed with medranos designs firm, Basically project is scratched deposites are forfited and we restart the entire design process we are extreme helpful in most cases but this requires a complete redesign no way around this.

Content builder

1can additional pages be added after site is built?
with our customized wordpress website pages can easily been added by customers themself with ease on the rare case you need our firm to create the pages all work completed will be by hourly or maintainance contracts set in place before Start of the job. we Look forward to helping you bring your dream to life
2Hourly Rates?
Our Design Firm Hourly Rates are $55.00 per hour after website design packages are confirmed and in place maintaince plan pricing is $40.00 per hour on additional work of one of our websites. other rates vary depending on the language programming needed overall rates vary depending on language html $55 per hour Lowest Rates/ $150 Per Hour for Custom Language aspx and other languages call for details on your exact project.
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